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     The Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign world from Kenzer & Co. is the one that I am currently developing, expanding and using.

     This site is best viewed in high-color, and at least 800x600 (True Color and 1024x768 is recommended).  This site will have maps I have created in Campaign Cartographer2 from Profantasy.  It also makes use of the Balthazar font...the one that the word graphics are done in (PC only, sorry.  I'll also assume you know how to unzip and then install fonts onto your computer...if not, go learn; the internet is full of .zip files.  I use WinRAR as my 'unzipper' [find it at]).  You can download these things below.

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Download the CC2 Map Viewer Here
(Look at the top of their page)

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