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Who is this Denakhan fella?
     This is the home page of Paul L. Ming...a.k.a. Denakhan the Arch-Mage.  To make a long story short, he (Denakhan) was my longest lived and highest level AD&D character I've ever had.  He was a Grey Elf Wizard, and I played him for over 6 years.  When I last played him he was 20th level.

What is this page about?
     This page is my side of our (me and my wife, Cheryl...a.k.a. Amazon Woman) home page.  It is mostly just my little corner of the web where I can share some of my creative goodies with whomever finds them.

What about Navigating this awesome site?
     Basically, each of the links above (under the "Denakhan's Lair" logo; 'Gallery', 'Role-Playing Games', and '3D Games') will take you to another page that has it's own, slightly different look to it. On each of them, at any time, when you click on the graphic that says "Denakhan's Lair" it will take you back to this page.

What's up with downloads?
    In short, I have a few of my programs, zip's, etc sitting on a Geocities page.  That page also has some stuff not found here.  This site is mostly for display of stuff I am currently working on or have done.  This page here at Tripod is the most up to date.

     For the most part, this site uses HTML 4, frames, and maybe some Flash later on. It is designed with at least 800x600 in mind, and MILLIONS of color (but tens of thousands would be might just see some 'banding' of some graphics and stuff. If you are running on a little 14" monitor and at the web a favor and go get a decent monitor, then crank up your resolution to at least 800x600x16bit.


Enhanced WDL .tlc for TextPad (right click, save as)

PL Marentia & Environs