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The Darkness of Being is an online Story for Vampire: The Dark Ages.  It is run via a message board. There are several choices for you to make in exploring/using this web...

My Mutterings

   Going against the vast majority of current Vampire players and ST's out there, I actually have my world make sense. The best way to summarize how I run a Vampire game (Dark Ages or other) is this:

"For every action there is a consequence."

  Plainly put, this means that vampires are, more or less, "bottom of the barrel" as far as likelihood of survival. The only real way to survive (for a vampire) is to lay low, stay out of the torchlight, watch your back, and don't get noticed. A vampire can't simply suck on someone's neck and expect to never get seen. When they are seen, they can pretty much kiss their undead ass goodbye. People in the dark ages (those in power; knights, clergy, rulers, etc.) will be all over the foolish vampire. There will be no place for the vampire to hide unless he is lucky and smart. People know vampires exist, and they know how to defeat them and protect themselves. A person is likely to be believed before they are disbelieved. The Dark Ages has actual wizards who are part of society. Just about everyone has strong religious beliefs. Powerful societies and guilds exist, with their sole purpose being to fight evil (this means vampires, werewolves, demons, etc.). Vampires of "modern times" (re: The Masquerade)  have it easy!



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