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This is my Star Frontiers holder page.

What the hell is Star Frontiers?  A kick ass space game.  Check out:

NOTES: On these SF pages, anytime you see the button that says "PDF DATA" you can click on to download a .pdf file (if you don't know what that is, go to and look for "Acrobat Reader"; it's free, and you'll need it to read the PDF files).  They are zipped up to save space and work (tripod has some weird rules for files...)


Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn: Expanded Rules   
   This is the main rules for the game.  There is a Basic Rules, but I haven't converted them into PDF yet. (1.2MB)
Star Frontiers Knight Hawks  
   This is the main rules for starships and all that space stuff. (649kb)
Zebulon's Guide
   This is a book that modifies the way that the SF game system works.  It also has new skills, races, equipment, etc. (688kb)  
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