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Wetlanders: The Hisch


The Hisch:

     This enigmatic race is grouped into Wetlands verging from the south to south west of the sea. The Shaldamar River is seen as the border between the Essalee and the Wetlands. 

     The Wetlands are seen to outsiders as a dark and mysterious area.  The canopy of trees, lying like a living blanket over the land, defies easy visual inspection and the only way to truly see the Wetlands is to enter into the unfriendly looking forest.

     The area of the Wetlands directly from the sea is marshy, virtually inaccessible to all vehicles except for shallow canoes and the odd flat bottomed boats the Hisch use to move around. 

     Even those hardy souls who brave the marsh to trade with the Hisch could not tell a person more about the Hisch than what the Hisch wanted them to know.  It is not unlike entering into another world, when entering the Wetlands.   The most known about the Wetlands is prone to rumors, suspicion and exaggeration by other races of Gaidrin.


Social Structure:

      What is known of their structure is by the conduct of those few Hisch who decide to travel and trade outside their land.  They call all people other than their own race, 'Outsiders' and the other races give them the blanket name of the 'Wetlanders'.

     There does not seem to be any division amongst the sexes or caste system in place.  Women seem to be treated as equals and expect that treatment from everyone, irregardless of race or species. 

     The women and the men seem to compete, at about anything and everything, even if they may not gain anything monetarily from this competition.  It seems a more social product, somewhat like counting coupe.  The Outsiders are not included in this coupe counting.

     The children of this race is rarely, if ever, seen and the adults are incredibly protective of them.  In fact, it is one of the most widely known characteristics of the Hisch; they adore children, of any race.  There are legends and myths of Hisch going to great, heroic lengths to save a child, irregardless of personal safety.

     Most Hisch traveling Outside tend to be loners, even when traveling in a group.  But if the Hisch travels long enough with one group, to consider those inside to be good friends, they seem to consider them part of their family group.  Such a Hisch is fiercely loyal to his/her companions and within the group, is more relaxed and friendly.


Physical Characteristics:

     The Hisch's men and women are approximately the same height with a few rare variations of the norm .  Their height ranges from 5'7" to 6'1" for both men and women. 

    As a general rule, the men are clean shaven with shoulder length long hair (which is tied back in intricate braids).  It is the same with a woman's hair.

     Their clothing matches their environment.  Greens and browns are the mainstay of the Hisch.  Their accessories are armlets and colorful beads which they tie into their braiding.

       The Hisch are a dark skinned people, ranging from a dark brown to midnight black.  Their hair is dark brown to black and generally with tight natural curls.  Their eyes are as dark as the rest of their physique (browns).


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