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The Dineill

The Dineill:

     This sea faring race is found along the few islands in the sea.  The closest nation to these islands would be the Essalee, who are approximately 500 miles (805 km) away from the southern-most island..

     There are 8 islands all totaled; from each comes different dialects and subtle changes in society.  These islands contain a wealth of fruits, flowers and animals not seen elsewhere. 

     On the least populated, most northern island, there is an active volcanoe.  This volcano has lava flows spilling over it's rim every so often, but as of the last 50 years, it has not blown.  The people of this island are very superstitious and still practice human sacrifice to appease the god of the volcanoe.


Social Structure:

     The 8 islands are ruled by one person, the queen.  She stays and personally rules over the largest and most profitable of the islands, Feirdie.   The others are 'watched over'  by those of the closest of kin (noble blood).  

    For the past 400 years, there has always been a queen ruling, irregardless if she is married or not.  When a new queen is crowned, she adds on to her name, the first and most beloved of all queens, Veeyen.  Thusly, it is seen as though the most beloved of their monarchs was always with them.  The Dineill are extremely loyal to their queen. 

     Men and women both go out to sea, but it has been in recent years that the men are growing more protective and a slight bit more restrictive.  More and more women are being lured away from the islands and at present there is a ratio of 3:1 (men to women).

   The Dineill are an interesting race.  They find other cultures absolutely fascinating and tend to try and absorb as much as they can about various people and societies.

     They have the finest education system in Gaidrin, it is rare to find a Dineill who does not know at least two other languages other than their own.   Teachers are the most important of professions,  considering how much these people treasure information.

     The Dineill tend to know almost everything about everyone.  Gossip and rumors are constantly flowing, as well as facts.  It doesn't seem to matter what kind of information there is, the Dineill will pick up on it.  If you stop in at port one afternoon, by the evening almost everything will be known about you, fact and fiction alike. 

     They have a very intricate information network and use this to their advantage when dealing with other societies/nations.  They say their main trade is the ships they make and the very exotic-ness of their islands, but if truth be known, they make far more profit dealing with the information they can so easily (seemingly) gather.

     Young people are encouraged to leave the islands to adventure around to see what new and interesting things they may find to bring back for their queen's amusement.  Though in more recent years, for the young women, the emphasis was taken off of leaving and more emphasis was placed on coming back.

     There are an incredibly small amount of people of other nations or races living on the islands.  While the Dineill encourage people to visit, they do not encourage them to stay.    The Dineill are well aware of how inviting their islands seem to other landborn races and they do not wish to have their beautiful islands overrun.  If information is the first thing on an islander's mind, the nature and beauty of his or her surroundings is the second. 


Physical Characteristics:

     The men and women of the Dineill tend to be of a shorter average height than other races.  Size ranges from 4'10" to 5'4" for the women and from 5'1" to 5'7" for the men. 

     Their hair is worn free, with brightly colored feathers and flowers interlacing throughout.  The men are generally clean shaven.

        Their skin color is a golden tan.  Their hair, as a general rule, is straight and the color ranges from ash blond to light brown.  The Dineill's eyes are green or blueish-green (various shades) and they will tell you it is from their special connection with the sea.

     Their clothing is made from the thinnest of clothes.  Both women and men, wear a brightly colored swath of fabric, wrapped around their hips.   The only other thing they usually wear is a loin cloth, leaving their tops and feet bare.  It is only within the port cities where they may dress more demurely, so as not to insult or make uncomfortable any of the prudish foreigners who visit.

         They love to adorn themselves with the various beautiful flowers that they find.  Shells and crystals are the favorite accessories of the Dineill.  Gold is a trading metal, not something they generally wear, but if it has pretty gems in it ... well ... it depends on the individual.



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