Nothing fancy, just a simple page where you can DL the zip of some word or rich text files. Each of these files WILL have it's own page, in HTML where you can read it online as well as download the individual Word Doc, Rich Text File and Adobe PDF file (when I figure out how to use Adobe Exchange to do it correctly ;-)  But for now, you'll have to download the zip file (meaning if you have a mac you will need to get that "unzipper" thing for it).  You can get them at the bottom of the page.

These files contain:

    The "pp_" or "pl_" at the beginning of the file name indicates "Powers & Perils" (rules and stuff), or "Perilous Lands" (culture and world stuff).

pl_cultural_alignments Alignment biases of the Perilous Lands world cultures (see back of the PL site book).
pl_cultural_power_classes Comparartive power classes for each of the Perilous Lands cultures (see back of PL site book).
pl_cultures An adaptation of Burton Chonski's cultural variation table.
pl_gods_incomplete Real life information pertaining to PL gods (listed in the back of the PL site book). This is still undergoing creation.
pl_randomcultures_simple A simplified chart for random culture determination.
pp_alignments The alignments/orientations found in PP Book 2.
pp_experience_reference The experience and expertise gain rules.
pp_joss_option An adapted rule from Dangerous Journeys:Mythus. (a "luck" or "fate point" option)
pp_priest_powers Basic priest powers taken from the Priesthood II article found in Heroes magazine.
pp_priest_urigallu An overview of the Urigallu priest class taken from the Priesthood I & II articles.
pp_priests General rules for the priesthood; taken from Priesthood I article of Heroes magazine.
pp_spell_sheet A simple sheet for recording spells (name, BMC, EL, etc.).

    Download either the Microsoft Word document zip file or the Rich Text File zip below: (132k) (148k)