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    This is most of my life drawing portfolio that's worth seeing. I also did two drawings of 'objects on a plane' (you know, a flat surface with a cube, sphere, cone, etc on it). One was a simple line drawing with 'hatch crossing' for shadows (like a comic book) and another was a fully drawn and shaded version. I also had a perspective drawing of the inside of a room (rather simple line drawing; just to prove I could draw in perspective and understood it more or less).

    Anyway, here are my scans in jpg format. There are 6 of them, and each is around 35k in size, so if you have a slowish connection, just be patient. ;-)    They are also 450 pixels if you are running in less than 1024x768 you won't be able to see the whole thing top to bottem, but that's ok.

    Here's my email if you wanna email me: