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Powers & Perils.

     The Powers & Perils game system is an old one, dating back to 1983.  I bought it just a few short months after it came out (actually, I begged my mother to buy it for me for Christmas that year; one of the best presents I ever got too!).  I've been playing it ever since (well, off and on, but continuously...if you get my meaning).
     What these pages encompass are mainly rules and whatnot for my current P&P campaign.  Most of the rules I've created over the years, but I a few ideas I've "borrowed" from other P&P Referee's.  To top it all off, current blurbs and tid-bits for my current campaign will be here (maps, new house rules, pictures, etc.).

(if you are wondering how I could design these pages to be so 'unique', well, that's the colors I associate with P&P)