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What is Scavenge?  

Scavenge is a DOOM2 level pack of indeterminate size that more or less 'scavenges' from the masses and masses of resources available for DOOM2 (and DOOM, Ultimate DOOM, etc). The current source port that I have planed to be used for Scavenge is either JDOOM or ZDOOMGL. As of yet, it is undecided.

What's in it? 

Will you see all new graphics, sounds, music, etc? Well, yes and no. As the name implies, everything except the levels will be 'scavenged' from the web, CD-ROMS, etc.

Who is making this?

Levels = Paul L. Ming (Me and anyone else who wants to join)
Graphics, Sprites, Music, Sounds = Various (all will be accounted for, be sure of that, in the Wad text file)