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The Thrond 


The Thrond:









    They are grouped into the Shards (mountain range) of the eastern to northeastern part of Gaidrin.  The Thrond share their territory with the Shardin Gnomes and have formed an alliance with their underground dwelling neighbors. 

     These hardy, nomadic people are seen in a none too generous light, by their human neighbors.  The Thrond lack the delicate manners the Essalee, their neighbors to the south, see as proper and correct.  They also do not share the same somewhat skewed views of honor as the Waoi'ch, the stout horsemen to the North.  The only ones in the area who seem not to be perturbed by the Thrond's coarse and rough manners are the Shardin Gnomes, their allies.

      The Thrond also hold an enviable position of having the Xaniev River flow through their mountain range on it's way to the sea.  The Shard mountains surround the Xaniev on both the north and a little less to the south on it's journey to the sea.  Thusly, they control the amount of trade coming up and down the river.   Which is grudgingly tolerated by the very fact that the Thrond could overpower the more diplomatic Essalee if given the right incentive.  The Waoichet are too scattered and feuding amongst themselves to put up any sort of offense against the Thrond and their allies.  Therefore, there is an unspoken, if uneasy agreement of exactly who controls the thoroughfare.


Social Structure:

     The Thrond are made up of several extended 'households'.  The intricacies of whom is related to whom and how, would be pretty much impossible to understand unless you had been born into it.  It is membership in these households that determine who you could and could not marry, exactly what land you were entitled to fight for when you came of age and what other clan/household that you were to feud with.

     This is a matrilineal society.  The women rule the roost, so to say.  But it is mostly the men that are seen patrolling the mountainside or along the river.  The women are generally the political and social power base.

     Every 'household' is directed by an older woman of that same family.  Her qualities of wisdom, pride and leadership abilities would have been proven over several long years before she ever became the headwoman.  She would have been under the tutelage of the previous headwoman since her adolescence.

     It is the women who are in charge of educating their people about their common history.   They learn it in an oral tradition, passed down over countless generations.   The head women are also the ones who know exactly whom is whom in the confusing hierarchy of the clan and they dictate the lives and marriages of their households.   Thrond marries Thrond and that's the way it is.  It isn't often they find an individual tough or worthy enough (in their way of thinking) to bring them into the Thrond 'household'.

     Life in the mountains is harsh and the Thrond have adapted well. 


Physical Characteristics:

     The men and women of the Thrond tend to be tall and lanky.   Size ranges from 5'7" to 6'2" for the women and from 6' to 6'6" for the men.  As a general rule, the men sport beards of varying sizes and the women keep their hair braided back or in buns.  Their skin color is a light tan with the tendency to freckle.

     Their clothing is usually made out of animal hide, more practical than pretty.  The only accesories used are elaborately decorated knives, which both men and women wear; though the woman's is smaller than the man's.

     Eye color goes from a greenish-blue, or light brown, or dark brown.  There are some rare instances when a different eye color is found in an individual, but that's usually from intermixing with another human race other than Thrond.

     The hair color ranges all over the spectrum, from black to blonde.  But it does help to show what 'household' you were in a quick cursory glance. 


     Thauk: dirty blonde to dark blonde

     Grald: dark brown to black

     Ubult: auburn to strawberry-blonde

     Draoug: platinum blonde to very light blonde

     Brond: carrot-colored to bright red

     Gundoul: deep brown to a dark tan

     Kaurd: black with white streak(s)

     Taugund: light brown


Feuding Households:

     Thauk versus Kaurd

     Brond versus Grald

     Gundoul versus Draoug

     Taugund versus Ubult


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