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My brother-in-law
Name:      Paul Luke Ming
BirthDate:      October 20, 1969 in Crescent City, Northern California.
Status:      Married to Cheryl Ann Ming on October 7th, 1998.
Work:      Unemployed at the moment as he is working on his 3-D demo reel. He went to C.D.I.S. (Center for Digital Imaging and Sound) in Burnaby, B.C. He graduated, gaining a certificate in 3-D character design.
Personal:      5'5" - weight classified (mainly because he doesn't have a scale). Hair is dark brown and very long. He's very mellow and laid back. He would have to be, he married my sister.
Family:      The first born to Larry and Loretta Ming. He has a brother named Jeremiah James (the youngest) and a sister named Trisha Faye. His sister is married to Sean Brison, has two young twin sons, Dartanin and Jorestin, plus an older daughter named Danika.
Hobbies and Interests:      Loves to roleplay and watch movies. Likes camping. He has always been interested in 3-D modelling, even before he went to school for it. Likes to draw, but isn't so fond of drawing when forced to do so.
Pet Peeves:      People who sing at the same time music is playing. People who smoke right at the entrance or not more than five feet away to the entrance of a building.