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My sister
Name:      Cheryl Ann Ming (maiden name: Marinoske)
BirthDate:      November 23, 1971 in Surrey, B.C.
Status:      Married to Paul Luke Ming on October 7th, 1998.
Work:      Still unemployed. She graduated in October, gaining a certificate in multi-media from C.D.I.S. (Center for Digital Imaging and Sound) in Burnaby, B.C.
Personal:      5'6" - weight classified. Hair is currently a mousy brown (her original colour) and cut short. Despite the picture, she does wear glasses. And she's strange ... an odd duck.
Family:      The second born to Stan and Leona Marinoske.
Hobbies and Interests:      Loves to fish, and camp, as long as it's in a motorhome with electricity, running water and a bathroom that works. Member of the Kiwanis Club of Whitehorse. Used to be her father's partner at the Whitehorse Duplicate Bridge Club and will be so again (or so she swears).
     Loves art and crafts, especially anything that involves getting dirty. In fact she has made little statuettes named Chickenpuffins that she has sold at craft sales, called Spruce Bogs, in Whitehorse Yukon. She also has a few of her water colors lining peoples' walls as well. I am lucky enough to have not one but two of her watercolour creations ... though she took her own sweet time getting them to me.
     Also, she has her Apprenticeship ticket in Construction Carpentry, but due to an unfortunate circumstance (botched operation), which has curtailed her physical mobility, she is unable to work in that field.
Pet Peeves:      Telemarketers. Racists. Bigots. Abusers. Chauvinists. Americans who keep telling her that Canada is really a part of the U.S. or anything to that effect. Films which portray women as silly gits, with big breasts who are only there to show off their boobs and get killed by rampaging serial killers. People who tell her that there are people who are worse off than she is (considering there are far more people better off than she is, she doesn't find it reassuring to hear that). The unfairness of life in general.