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Title Page

     Well, some people think all I do is work. That's not quite true, though sometimes it certainly feels like it.

skier      While I generally like most sports, I love to downhill ski. This last year involved skiing about 14 times at Whistler, Whitefish, Fernie, Lake Louise, Sunshine and Fortress. Next year I plan to not take it so easy and get out a few more times!

Jeep Eagle Talon      Scenario: university, 1988, seeing an Eagle Talon turbo 4WD advertised on TV and thinking, "Damn, that's a nice car. Wish I could have that!". Well, it finally became time to drop more than $2,000 on a vehicle and viola!!!

Water in the boot      I go on an annual fishing trip to Alaska with my dad and 2 uncles. We go to Haines, Alaska every October to catch and eat a few fish, catch and eat fresh shrimp & crab, play some games, and generally have some relaxing R&R while putting the rigors of everyday life behind us. Last year & came back home with 73 lbs of filleted salmon & some smoked salmon. Let's just say it's at that time that I become a good "friend" to people at work!!